They’re Gonna Laugh When Everybody Hears, Your Name

Last Updated on: 5th October 2014, 12:29 pm

This isn’t really interesting, only funny. I got a telemarketer call. It was a run of the mill call. After the regular short pause, a voice came on and said, “Hello. Is this Carin?” I answered. Then he said, “Hi Carin. My name is Sam Malone…” after that, I was a lost cause. I held it together for, hmmm, 5 seconds? Yeah. That sounds about right. After he got through about three quarters of his first sentence, I couldn’t resist. I asked him if he in fact said his name was Sam Malone. When he said yes, uproarious laughter ensued! I’m such a jerk.

I tried once again to get it together and apologize to this hapless fellow who was probably named long before Cheers was created, but Steve heard me say this and yelled “nooooorm!” This sent me into another fit of laughter. I’m sure poor Sam Malone was about ready to kill me. Me, and the other stream of callers who just laughed him off the phone today, and every day, all the damn time…

If Sam Malone has a blog, I think today it would say, “today I got laughed at for my name…again…by some blind chick who wouldn’t even take my mail literature. If I ever find either Ted Danson or the producers of cheers, they’ll rue the day they crossed the real Sam Malone!”

On the other hand, maybe it’s an effective tactic. After the caller feels bad for basically laughing in the guy’s face for having what would be a pretty ordinary name, they want to make themselves feel better by giving generously to his charity. That must be it. Otherwise, why would he keep giving out his whole name? Why not just say your name is Sam? If the policy is that you must give your full name, why not make this one guy an alias for the sake of his sanity? In any case, the Police and Firefighters’ Games Fund may be getting some money from me. Maybe I can leave a note that says “Tell Sam Malone I’m sorry.”

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