>I’d Rather Be In Jail Than In The Ground

Last Updated on: 25th April 2012, 03:01 pm

>Here’s a piece of advice for women who have suicidal, homicidal x-boyfriends and the police tell you that if you call them one more time about him, they’ll arrest you both. If you really feel he’s going to kill you, go ahead and call. you’ll be in jail, but you’ll both be alive.

god damn this story makes me sad. I don’t know how many times Natasha Hall called police, but this sounds like a story I heard all too often when I volunteered at the women’s shelter. Not all police realize a lot of these guys are pretty deranged and don’t give a flying fuck about restraining orders. Granted, they should know this by now, it’s been demonstrated again, and again, and again, but they don’t.

I’m out of words, and tragically, so is Natasha Hall.

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