The Babs Journal: Day 17 (May 25, 2005)

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I feel better today. I slept really really deep last night, even slept in a wee bit.

Got up, took this one out, she peed, took her back in, fed her, took her out again and she peed, but she didn’t poop. I was nervous maybe I’d just missed it. Came back, felt sick. Lay down and didn’t have a shower. Came to breakfast, and breakfast looked raunchy. Toast with a slice of processed cheese on it and butter. That didn’t look good to a queezy stomach. I didn’t really touch it, just drank the juice. I went back to the room and lay down again.

Margery wasn’t feeling too good, and I think Sharon wasn’t feeling her best either. I lay down and then I got Babs up, took her out, she just peed again. I’m like gees am I missing it? Then I came in, did obedience and then brought her out to the van.

We went to Bayshore mall. Wow that was cool. Intense, but cool. We deaked and weaved through obstacles and went through stores. I hit one thing, sorta brushed it, but other than that, nope. We took the coolest elevator. It was all glass, and it would say things like, door is opening, door is closing, going down, second flor. It was like in the movies. So we did that and then we took a couple escalators. Yep she can do it. It’s a little nerve-wracking, but she did it quite well.

Instructor Tim locked his keys in the car, woops, so he didn’t have kibble for the dogs as rewards for doing the escalator. So I just told her how awesome she was.

Then Margery went and did the mall zooming and I just drank a pop. I had two people, complete strangers come and talk to me about my dog. Yep yep, the thing about the dog being an ice-breaker is working. Haha. Two kids were so sad that they couldn’t pet her. I would have taken the harness off, but I was a little nervous that she might go a little loopy in the mall. So I said no and thanked them for asking.

Came back here and didn’t touch the sandwich. But we got Anka’s card signed. The rest of the class liked it. So I picked a good card.

Did I mention that when we came back to the school I took her out for a busy and she finally pooped? Yeah! Success! I have to admit, mine did the whole leash busy flawlessly. It’s nice to have a better day. It’s amazing what your frame of mind is like when you’re tired compared to well-rested. I still have to groom this one. And start packing. Packing! Tomorrow morning is our last walk. The last walk before all the signing and handing over of lunies. They have us pay a buck to the school so it’s some kind of business deal. I don’t understand it, but there it is.

I think tonight is free and then tomorrow night is grad, and then we go home! Have to get a hold of mom and dad and see when they’re coming. yeesh! Can’t believe it. I’ll write later. We’re going out to do traffic islands, whatever they are…they’re making Sharon nervous, so I should be terrified.

Well traffic islands are a little nerve-wracking, I don’t think I’d do them until I absolutely have to. They’re in this place where there’s a turning lane. So since there’s a lane like that, they have an island in the middle where pedestrians can stand and then go when it’s safe again. So you cross, treat it like an upcurb, go a wee bit in the direction away from the traffic, and then go again when it’s safe. And get to either another island or an up-curb. So did that, went into Canadian Tire, and did turnstyles! That’s a bit of an art, but not bad. Then we went to Dairy Queen…and I had the brownie batter blizard. Mmm…blizard. It was good, but I was very full, and thus had trouble eating supper.

We gave Anka her thing. She was so so so surprised and touched. It was the best. She said she didn’t want to open the coffee because she wanted to keep it to remind her of us. We all managed to sign the instructor Tim card.

Oh yeah, last night we found out that we’re not supposed to buy things for individual staff, they’d rather we just give to the centre. Woops, a little late on that one. But no going back now. It makes me a little mad. Why can’t we give to who we damn well please? And after all the work they do, they deserve some rewards.

You have the right to be a lot more mad than a little. That was another red flag.

So after dinner, I came back and Babs was in a real playful mood. I took her out and she pooped again and then I brought her back and we played a game of let’s pin Carin down and lick her face off. God she was funny. I gave her her bone too and she gnawed the ever-loving hell out of it. Then we both crashed for a while and then I came out and talked to Sharon. She gave me her address and the pet care number. I’m debating whether I’ll put her on pet care, it’s a pet health insurance. On the one hand, it would insure that I have serious nutty vet bills covered and not have to worry about whether the CNIB’s fund is alive, but on the other hand, it’s 40 bucks a month, and the guide dog allowance is only 64 bucks a month…doesn’t allow me to save for annual checkups and things the insurance won’t cover. I guess what I decide will depend on what that lump is on Babs. I’m going to Sue Hawkins and asking her point blank, “What in the hell is that lump? I want an answer before I leave with this dog.”

So tomorrow morning we go on our last walk. Then after, we wait to sign. Then after that, we go over some things in the qualification packages and instructor Tim tells us what to do when we go home. We get our medallians to put on our work and play collars. Way cool. Then it’s grad night. Woe papa. Then it’s pack like a mo fo. So if I don’t round up the last two days until I get home, you’ll know why.

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