For That Price I Should Be Able To Ride In It Too

Last Updated on: 18th February 2015, 05:34 pm

Did you know that for only $3500 you can get yourself a 1950’s style hot rod complete with leather bucket seats, a swank paint job and about a zillion other custom features? Well you can.

Sounds awesome you say? Would be a deal at twice the price? Sure, but would you feel the same way if I told you that what you were paying for was a
baby buggy?
No? Yeah, me neither.

It is the ultimate in buggy-bling: the baby-stroller for the infant – and parents – who must have everything. More Top Gear than Mothercare, the latest pushchair from California harks back to classic 1950s hot rods, with chrome trim kit options, teardrop fenders and surround sound to let the baby rock while you are rolling.

The top of the range tailfin Roddler from Kid Kustoms will set parents back at least $3,500 (about £1,750). Customised paint jobs, suede or leather upholstered bucket seats and even brake lights are among extras available.

“Gone are the days of being relegated to pushing your child in something as stylish as a shopping cart. Our buggies are really made the same way a car is, only without the production line. In essence it’s the same as having a custom hot rod for your kids.”

This seems like as good a time as any to mention 2 things:
1. No matter how much you pay for one of these you still have to push it yourself,
2. It’s just a baby, a baby that doesn’t care and won’t remember how it gets around. Save your money and put it through school.

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