Wrong Number, Right Time

Last Updated on: 3rd March 2015, 03:46 pm

Wow! How often does that happen? The teacher tries to humiliate someone, and the class ends up getting a speech from a diplomat!

It all started with an errant phone call to Logan Svitzer, who was sitting in high school history class. His phone just kept ringing and ringing! The teacher got mad, marched over to Svitzer, yanked his phone and called the person who was calling him. She asked the person what was so pressing that they just had to keep calling. She soon discovered that she had the Zambian ambassador to the UN on the line!

No, this fellow was not calling Svitzer on purpose, he had the wrong number. But because he had interrupted their class, he came and spoke to the school!

Seriously, how often does it happen that the teacher says the classic “Well, if Logan here has something so important to say, why doesn’t he stand up and share it with the rest of us?” and something important happens? If I had been Svitzer, I would have just shut off my phone after the first ring. It’s a good thing I’m not. I would have prevented a pretty awesome speech from happening.

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