Shitty Logic

Last Updated on: 23rd January 2014, 10:28 am

Wow. If I thought a pair of shoes were ruined every time I stepped in dog doodoo, I’d have bought a lot of shoes by now. But that’s what Kelly DeBrocky is claiming is the case with her one-year-old son’s shoes, and she’s suing for reimbursement from the city of Norwalk.

Ok then. It sucks when you step in dog poop. But never have I needed to discard my shoes afterward. You clean it off, end of story. And why were his soiled clothes thrown away? First, how did they get soiled? How big was this “pile of fecal matter”? And don’t you usually bring extra clothes along when you have a toddler? So if he did manage to get crap on his clothes, couldn’t you just change him and wash the nasty clothes when you got home? Wy would you have to throw them away? And why would she let him walk around the museum barefoot? Wouldn’t that be more hazardous than treading on some dog tirds with his shoes on?

This whole thing smells of someone looking for a little money. By the looks of it, she’s not going to get it.

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