Does That Sound Good To You?

Last Updated on: 25th August 2018, 09:08 pm

Since we’re heading out for some May long weekend food and drinks, I got thinking about two food commercials I’ve heard recently that make me want to hurl!

The first was Subway raving about their new pizzas. Mmm! Pizza! They tell you it’s topped right in front of me! Mmm! With whatever I want. Mmm! And ready in 90 seconds! Blech!

How can they say eat fresh after that? Maybe I misunderstand something, but that sounds like a nuked pizza to me. Has anyone tried one? Are they good? I’m curious.

The second commercial was for a Tim Hortons Brownie Ice-Cap supreme. I would think mmm, except I know how much the other Ice-Cap supremes already tend to have stuff settling to the bottom. Now imagine brown chunks settling to the bottom of your drink. Mmm. Slurp it up, baby. Then part of me wants to try one, insisting that it’s brownies after all, at which time another part of me slaps that part and calls it a fool. Oh boy, do I have multiple personalities?

Ok, I’ve got to stop thinking about bad food so I can eat some good stuff! Hope everyone’s having a good weekend, even though the weather took a crap.

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