Tansy Updates Part 2

Holy crap have I accumulated a pile of thoughts. Here is Part 2 of my Tansy brain dump.

In a couple of weeks, we’re going to a family thing, and Brad will be there with the Trixter. It will be the first Tansy meeting with the Trixter! But I wonder if this meeting will be more like an aha moment for Tansy than a meeting. Here’s why I say that. Tansy has been sniffing the jeebers out of this house, some areas more than others. Those areas I think have been very well-traveled by Trixie. I think she’s been wondering where this other dog is hiding. She has eventually come to the decision that she doesn’t live here. Then, when she meets her, I wonder if her thought process will be, “You!”

I don’t know how this meeting will go. I know Tansy is extremely playful, and very puppy-like. Trixie is older, cranky, and really doesn’t like overbearing dogs too much. I wonder if there will be a large r’r’r’r’r’r’roof! from the Trixter to put Tansy in her place. Or, will they get along like good friends? Will Trix be upset that I have a new bud? I doubt it, since she is definitely Brad’s dog now, and I’m just someone fun who drops over from time to time. It will be an interesting, tiring, thought-provoking day.

Tansy has some odd relieving habits. For one, she poops first, and then maybe pees. I’m not used to that. Sometimes she refuses to do more than one relieving thing, then changes her mind later.

I also call her my tree-hugger because no matter how big a patch I pick for relieving, she invariably gravitates towards, and wraps herself around, a tree, post, pole, bush, or something else.

I’ve had my first unpleasant experience dealing with John Q. Public while relieving Tansy. I was out on the lawn of my own apartment building waiting for her to do her thing, when suddenly, I hear this man bellowing from afar in a thick German accent something to the effect of “Get out of here, get out of here! Get your dog off the lawn, no dog shit, get out of here or I’ll call the police.” I allowed this to process, and realized he had to be talking to me. So I walked over to a stone that I knew was very public property and called the building management and asked some questions.

In retrospect I have to chuckle. As soon as I said “I’m being yelled at by a German gentleman,” the manager started laughing his head off. I guess this guy yells at everyone. So now that I’ve found a new place to relieve Tansy, all is good…for the most part. My only problems are people who can’t control their dogs, and consequently collide with me when I’m bent over picking up dog doo. But Germans no longer yell at me. This is an improvement.

It’s funny. Tansy and Trixie look pretty similar…but their personalities are like night and day. For one, there’s the whole maniacal play thing. Trix never went that nuts when playing…I don’t think I’m forgetting. In fact, my sister used to want her to blow off some steam and she hardly would. Oh don’t worry, sis, you won’t have to invite Tansy to blow off steam.

Plus, like I said before, Tansy doesn’t give a crap about thunder, loud noises, trucks, crazy wide streets, all those things that made Trixie wig a little. Trix would adjust eventually, but it took some work.

That, combined with the way each of them slept differently, and their little quirks, really make me realize how different they are.

You know how I said Trix had a voice? Tansy definitely has one, but I haven’t figured out what it sounds like yet. I still don’t know how I’ll write like Tansy because I can’t quite figure out how she would talk if she could.

On May 7, we will have been home a month, and that week, Chuck’s coming. I can’t wait to show off and get some guidance on a couple things. It will be a good night.

I think I’m almost done now, I’m just down to odds and ends. I finally figured out why, at the Seeing Eye, relieving your dog is referred to as parking. Yea! Apparently, there used to be a park across the way and that’s where they’d go. So, eventually, go to the park got shortened to park. Not quite as mystical as I had originally thought.

I got my graduation DVD. I might put up the audio part of me speaking at this graduation…because I didn’t sound like a total tool like at Trix’s graduation. Maybe if I find my old DVD, I might show both excerpts, just so I can make fun of myself, and you can all laugh at me.

I have to chuckle. Now that I have a dog that watches out for me, I here more people saying “Watch where you’re going!” I don’t think it’s because I’m more noticeable as a person. It’s more that they don’t want to hurt the doggie. Oh, I see how this rolls.

We were out somewhere, and another couple found out they were getting a rice pudding they weren’t expecting. They decided to give it to us. But do you know how they explained that? “Give it to the table with the dog.” I hope they didn’t think we were going to actually give the rice pudding to the dog.

Last night I called Tansy Taxi. I kind of like that combo of names.

I think that’s everything…for now. I’m sure there will be more later.

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  1. Wow! She sounds absolutely amazing! And she also sounds like a doggy version of you hahaha! Go GDB! I’m so so so happy things have gone so well! What a relief eh? Yay!

  2. Wtf? I haven’t read this post yet. That comment was supposed to be on the other one. I did something crazy hahaha!Blame the damn music next door.

  3. Ok I just read this post for real haha. Jayden poops first too!!! Holy crap another dog who does that. In fact when he does pee first in the morning I’m always bent over touching is back expecting to find him hunched and whoosh goes the pee. What’s up with the crazy German guy? Wowza.

  4. Oh, but he only poops first in the morning at first relieving. In the evening if he has to poop it’s always a bit after he pees. Ah, the discussions of dog owners haha.

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