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29 May, Thu, 15:51:23
baby for sale couple,vancouver, deserves another chance

They do? Why? What’s to be gained by leaving a child in the care of people this stupid, other than making sure that social workers and probation officers have something to do for the next several years if the kid makes it that far?

Here’s just a small example of the type of people that you, nameless searching person, want to leave this poor kid with.

Jeremy Pete, the baby’s father, told CBC News on Wednesday that he posted the ad, but it was just a joke. He said he wrote the ad after kidding around with a friend, but did not think it would actually be posted online.

Um…duh. Where did he think it would go when he hit the post button and confirmed everything? The only way I’m buying this story is if he emailed it to his buddy who then sold him down the river and put it up on his behalf. If that’s the case I’ll gladly admit I’m wrong, but until then the only person who deserves a second chance is the baby, and the biggest tragedy in all of this is that it doesn’t look as though mom and dad are going to be charged with anything.

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