Would You Like Fries With That?

Last Updated on: 6th October 2014, 05:41 pm

Gees, we’re really dealing with a classy bunch. We have the Castellanos family, who came into the Paul Bunyan restaurant, and the burger he got seemed to be underdone and cold. When he asked for things to be fixed, he says the staff were rude, but they claim they were willing to reheat the burger, but he wanted a new one. Uh, if it was underdone, I don’t blame him. But then, oh then. His daughter decided to scrawl the words “You suck” in ketchup on her plate, which got the owners of the restaurant coming outside to confront them, which landed the female owner beaten so badly she had to go to the hospital, and the cook with facial fractures and a broken eye-socket! Yikes! All this over a burger! Everybody claims the other guy was swinging first, with the family claiming the owners were screaming vulgarities and brandishing kitchen knives and the restaurant claiming they were charged by the angry vacationers, so the police can’t really do anything, which is making the public make all sorts of wild accusations about low budgets, drugs and gangs. What an ugly mess. I still can’t get over the facial fractures part.

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