This Privacy Invasion Is Brought To You By…

If you happen to have a spare $30000 lying around and the urge to blow it on some advertising, how would you feel about helping the city of Flint, Michigan
cover the cost of some security cameras?
Hopefully your answer would be like a rotten scumbag, but sadly I think this is one of those schemes that has a pretty good chance of working out.

The City of Flint is looking for sponsors for surveillance cameras that will be mounted around the city to keep a watch out for crooks.

In exchange for cash, the city will plaster business names next to police logos on the pole-mounted camera boxes that sport a blue police light that flashes 24 hours a day.

Don’t have $30,000? Depending on the size of the check, smaller logos and even people’s names can be placed on the boxes similar to those found on a NASCAR racer.

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