Give Yourself A Robot Hand

Last Updated on: 12th February 2019, 09:07 am

Ever find yourself in the mood to jerk off but not in the mood for all of that pesky physical effort? Is your favourite hand broken and you’re not good at switch hitting? Do you have a spare 60 bucks lying around that you wouldn’t mind dropping on useless crap? If you answered yes to these questions, then the Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator may be for you.

The Tenga Flip Hole is a state-of-the-art masturbation device for men. It’s looks and feels like no other male sex toy ever made.

And it’s Tenga’s first ever reusable sex toy. You demanded it – Tenga delivered.

The clever, futuristic casing is partially flexible, with three buttons that create separate, individually controlled actions at different points along the shaft – massaging the head, sucking at the bottom – the choice is yours.

The case flips open to reveal the amazing silicone sleeve filled with nubs, nodules, bumps and ridges designed to create a genuinely better-than-real experience.

Unlike the rest of the Tenga male sex toy range, The Tenga Flip Hole is reusable, and is a breeze to clean and maintain. Flip it open, rinse and dry. Easy!

Made of high quality material and packaged in a stunning case, the Tenga Flip Hole comes complete with three Tenga lubricants designed to work in harmony with the Flip Hole – Mild, Real and Wild. Which will be your favourite?

The Flip Hole stands 7 inches tall, and with its cool good looks and non-realistic opening it really doesn’t look like a sex toy!

Well that’s sure a relief. I’m glad I can leave it out in the open without fear of difficult questions.

You can insert up to 6.5 inches of the shaft into the Flip Hole. The diameter of the sleeve is 3 inches – and as the tube and sleeve are both flexible, it can accommodate a shaft width of at least 2 inches.

And in more great news for people who like this sort of thing (a good chunk of our search stats), there’s even a 2 and a half minute video.

I think the only question left to be asked at this point is would you still be in the mood for love by the time you finish putting it together?

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