Tempting Fate

Last Updated on: 18th May 2023, 07:29 pm

Just a quick heads-up that we’re making changes to the site again.

If you’ve ever checked out the archives, you’ve probably noticed that they look a bit different than things do now. I’m talking mostly about how post titles are formatted now as opposed to the old days. Well, we’re working on changing that, and probably correcting some other small errors here and there as we go. This involves sifting through everything published since launch day in 2003 until January of 2007 by hand, so it may take a while for us to finish the job. There’s also a good chance that, stupid as we are, we might mess something up. On that note, we’d appreciate it if you’d let us know if something doesn’t work or doesn’t look quite right. We may not be able to fix it, but it’ll give us something else to be upset about, and lord knows we need that.

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