>Just Checkin’ In

Last Updated on: 26th April 2012, 12:51 pm

>Hey Kids,

I’m just checkin’ in here for a minute. Things are hectic, as they always are around a move – just ask Steve and Carin.

I got moved in to the new house on Saturday and it’s been non stop ever since. Today was first day back to class. Pretty basic stuff for a first day – just run throughs on what to expect for Orientation week and how to help the first years – tomorrow and Thursday are basically going over our courses for this semester and things look good for a Friday off.

The intention is not to dissapear as I did last time after the move – but know that for the next week or so I’m all over the place getting set up. but you got 2 crazy crackers to keep you entertained in the mean time.

Peace Out, Yo!

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