"I Punched That Girl – And I Liked It!"

Last Updated on: 7th April 2014, 02:00 pm

I’m so sick of that god-damn I Kissed a Girl Song. Holy Shit! Enough! It’s not even a clever song – it was just an excuse to make a mildly sexual video and give drunk 20 year old girls an excuse to make-out in night clubs.

…Alright so the song’s not all bad. But still!

It’s just redundant crap! It’s like that other one that’s out now. the one where she talks about how drunk she is and doesn’t know where she is or the name of the bar or how her shirt got inside out or whatever but things will be ok if she just keeps dancing. this passes for great song-writing? Get lost!

“I punched a girl – and I liked it
the feel of her nose when i snapped it”

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