Last Words on the TD Talking Bank Machines.

Last Updated on: 10th October 2013, 09:52 am

They talk all the way through! They even tell you to select your language, in multiple languages! At last, there is speech from the beginning to the end! They did it! Yea! Woo! Now I need to send that thank you letter out pronto.

I know I probably look nuts to sighties for getting excited over a talking bank machine. But to them, I say this. Just think about the number of questions you see on a bank machine. Now realize the only way I could use that machine if I didn’t want someone standing behind me telling me what to do every time I wanted some cash was to bug someone into helping me memorize the sequence of questions and buttons, and pray they didn’t change the machine. For once, I can go get money, and not memorize the questions. I can use a bank machine like you do now, just following the prompts. Now it’s as easy for me as for you!

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