Yea WebVisum

Last Updated on: 23rd October 2013, 05:10 pm

Heeheehee! I think people can hear me giggle for miles! Heeheeheehee! Why? Because, hahahahaheeheeheehohohohoho, I have finally put those damned fucking blasted son of a bitch goddamn piece of shit graphical word verification thingies in their place. I’ll never say I’ve put them in their place forever, because they’ll always find another way to crop up and cause more misery. But for the first time, I have seen something that I can successfully use to decode them that isn’t a set of functioning human eyeballs.

What is it? It’s called WebVisum! It’s an add-on for Firefox. I have never had a desire to use Firefox, but I’ll use it in this case, because it’s cool. I’ve already been able to comment on a blog that I’ve never been able to comment on before, so that’s way sweet. All you do is press control alt 6, and it sends the captcha to servers at WebVisum, and within a few seconds, the result is in your clipboard, ready to paste in! How super awesome cool is that?

I still have a ton to learn, so can’t give a detailed description of WebVisum or Firefox, but just with a few keys explained in help, I’ve already been able to use it for the purpose I downloaded it. Both Firefox and WebVisum are easy as pie to install, at least they were for me, and you can even import your favourites from IE into Firefox. For WebVisum to work, you have to create an account, but that’s all well-explained and pretty basic.

Here are a couple extra links that might be useful. WebVisum How To and Firefox with screen-readers FAQ. Have fun.

So wooo! Security graphics don’t keep this blink away…until they become too hard for WebVisum to decode.

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