The Waking Eyes Should Be Put To Sleep For This

Last Updated on: 21st December 2022, 01:50 pm

Yes, I know that title sucks. Eat me. Actually no, eat Matt. I’m too good for all of you.

I have a message for good bands everywhere. For God’s sake, stop experimenting with your sound! And by good bands everywhere, today I mean The Waking Eyes.

I was really happy when I heard that you had a new album coming out soon, because Video Sound was awesome. In fact it was so awesome that it was even one of my favourite CD’s for a little while. Yes,I thought it was that good. So yeah, I was pretty stoked when I read that you were putting out a new one in November.

But then something happened. That something was me hearing the new single.

I’m not sure what you were aiming for there, but if the goal was to sound like every shitty over-rated indie band to come along in at least the last 7 years, congrats on a job well done. Please, explain to me how you go from stuff like this…

to whatever the hell that thing is supposed to be. Or better yet, explain why you’d want to.

Seriously, this song is bad. It’s not All Summer Long bad, but it’s bad enough that it took me 2 tries to listen to it all and it’s only a 3 minute song. Do better, please.

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