Calling All Eyes!

Last Updated on: 21st February 2014, 08:05 am

Hey everybody. We’re experimenting with the ads again, cause we can’t seem to leave them alone. But doing this is kind of like painting your house blindfolded. So…does it look ugly? Did I just drip on the other nicely painted wall? Did I just mix the paint and it came out hot pink? Tell me if you can still see the links bar down there. Does the ad frame look too small? too big? Although if it’s too big..uh-oh, we’re screwed since I can’t find a smaller size. But tell me anyway. Would it fit better on another spot on the page? Are the colours ok? If you know better colours and you know those annoying bits of code to make them happen, could you let us know? And hey, if anyone out there is an ad sense guru and wouldn’t mind giving us a hand from time to time when it’s time to paint the house blindfolded again, feel free to shoot me an email. You know where the address is. Thanks everybody.

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