Letterman, Leafs & The Most Evil Person On The Planet

Last Updated on: 15th August 2013, 09:23 am

For the last little while Letterman’s been airing some stuff in a segment called “Meet The Governor”. He’s got clips of Arnond smoking pot, groping women and just basically making an ass of himself in general. It’s some pretty funny stuff that Letterman has said “will become a regular segment until I get bored.”. Definitely check it out. Hell, Letterman’s funny anyway so I don’t know why you wouldn’t be watching. Eat me Leno.

The Leafs finally break out last night. 5 goals in a game is the new high-water mark for the Leafs this season. Unforunately they also allowed the below average forwards of the Coyotes to score 4 times. (and I am aware it was the back-up in goal). Up until last night I thought the defense played pretty well. Last night they were, by no means, terrible but they weren’t as good as they had been. Hopefully now that the offense has gotten a bit of a kick-start the defense can get going again and they can put a nice little streak together.

Steve has alligned himself with Satan, herself. The person kind enough to leave the nice little critique of my work is someone I know quite well. She’s heartless! Steve, I wish you luck with your new found best friend but be careful. She’s goddamn relentless when she finds out about that little eye thing. Oops. Did I let that slip out?

to this mystery writer I have only one thing to say to you… and you’re probably the only one who will get it.

“I see better at night!”

With that, I’m finished.
PS. Inside jokes are no good. No more after this. Sorry!

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