Shut Up And Listen, Would Ya?

Last Updated on: 19th August 2021, 10:05 pm

It’s sad that some people don’t understand what it is to have an open dialog, and they’d rather have a monolog and call it dialog.

there was a rally downtown showing support for the idea of a coalition government. It was endorsed by some of our city councilors. The people running the rally were being very reasonable. there was a guy at the mic talking about why it deserves a chance, and they had pamphlets. what he was saying sounded kind of like Steve’s post from Thursday. the way it was going to work was first the organizers were going to talk, and then they were going to open up discussion. In the middle of his opening speech, a dude started screaming from the floor. “they’re just trying to break up Canada!” The guy heard him and acknowledged that a lot of people are afraid of that, but he explained about how the Bloc wouldn’t have any cabinet spots, etc. and before he was done, the guy yelled the same thing.

Look, dude, coming down to a political rally and yelling the same sentence over and over isn’t intelligent dialog. In fact, you’re likely to get tuned out. If you’re not going to listen to the other side, then just go home. You’re not needed. If you were actually going to wait for your turn and have a real discussion, it would have been fine. But this bullshit was totally senseless.

Even if that guy was a wacko, it made me wonder if he was more representative of everyone’s reactions to all this governmental chaos, or anything that gets people worked up. Most people would at least make it appear like they were listening, but are they really? Or are they just waiting for a chance to talk again?

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