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Last Updated on: 23rd December 2016, 08:27 pm

Hello Friends;

Remember me? It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. For the last two weeks I’ve not had two minutes to scratch my own ass – and you people who know me know this is very important to me. As for the lack of posts before that busy two week period… Well there’s a very good reason for that, too. I don’t like you.

So. first things first. A belated Happy Birthday to everyone’s favourite dough-boy, Steve! The appearance on the outside is frightful – but the dude inside is delightful. Hope it was a good birthday, despite the ass-kicking we took from, that bitch, Mother Nature. She’s putting up a good fight but I still think we’re winning the war with our SUV’s and factories. You can’t win, bitch! We’ll destroy you, yet.

The second most important birthday of the month is almost upon us, as well. Jesus’. Long time readers know my thoughts on religion but this is not a time for that. I love Christmas. I have little interest in where all the traditions stem from. I just love all the gatherings, the time with family, the countless pints of Christmas cheer and the general good mood that most people are in. It’s my favourite time of year.

It’s my favourite time of year for another reason. The World Juniors are on. Last night Team Canada played their first pre-tournament game against a very good Sweden team. The Canadians won 4-2 but it must be noted that Sweden did not start their starting goalie and had only been in our time zone for 2 days so it was hardly going to be their best effort. Canada will be in tough against them.

The Canadian team is a very fast and very skilled team but is not as big up front as they have been in past years. The defense is of good size with Hickey and Toulbert figuring to be the number 1 shut down pair and John Tavares leading the offensive charge up front. It’s a good group but they won’t push people around as they have in the past. The tournament starts for real on Boxing Day as Canada plays the Czech Republic at 7pm EST.

Every year at this time I’m annoyed by the same thing. The lack of tollerance we have for each other. Everyone preaches equality and how everyone should be able to practice their own religion – and what happens? No one can actually do it! Not Christians, Not the Jewish, no one. We get watered down bullshit like “Happy Holidays” and “Holiday Trees”. If I’m a Christian store-owner (I’m not) who wants to buy time on the local tv station to say Merry Christmas to the community – I can’t. I have to say Happy Holidays. Kids can no longer make their traditional Christmas decorations or write letters to Santa at school because it might offend someone. Do we really all respect each other? Or do we disrespect each other to the point that it’s not okay to enjoy the season properly? I have a few Jewish friends and I have never once been offended to hear them say Happy Chanukah to me – and they have on many occasions.

Note: Apologies if I’ve spelled Chanukah wrong and offended an entire group of people. 🙂

What people fail to understand is that it’s not the tree, it’s not the candles, it’s not a mangers scene or a big fat dude in a red costume that makes the season. It’s supposed to be the good will and the time with friends and family so if someone chooses to say to you Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukah he is merely wishing you a pleasant season and is not trying to convert yout o his particular religion.

Sorry to get all preachy on you but it bothers me that people can take something so awesome and make it so political and devicive.

All that said. I don’t know if I’ll post again so I’ll take this time to say Merry Christmas and hope that you take that to mean that you should all become Christians before New Years. 🙂

Have a great Holiday!

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