I Am In Canada, Right? And It’s 2009, Yes?

Last Updated on: 1st June 2016, 11:33 am

What the hell country does Sid Ryan think he’s living in? Somebody tell him that it’s Canada, and Canada doesn’t usually tell people what to say, what to think. although we fail sometimes, we do like our free speech. Somebody tell him that this proposal ordering members of CUPE to boycott Israeli academics who don’t vehemently express their opposition to the Israeli attacks on Gaza isn’t a good idea. It’s crazy. It’s not even like he’s saying anyone who encourages terrorism should be boycotted. He’s saying anyone who remains silent or agrees with Israel should be boycotted. What if some just want to stay out of it? Why should they have to pick a side just because they came from Israel?

Everybody has a right to their opinion. As long as they aren’t spewing hate speech, let them talk. What does this say about freedom of thought? Not a whole lot.

I love how he’s getting all involved in this cause. As one person who commented on the article said, where has he been all this time when China has been imposing its will on Tibet? Where has he been when other countries have had conflicts? Why is the Israel and Gaza situation so special?

This whole thing is stupid. I guess people will vote on it in February. Let’s hope it will get voted down.

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