Who Wants Some Oil Spill Water

Last Updated on: 25th March 2020, 07:46 pm

When I first heard aboutOil Spill Water.com,I was a little worried that some jackass had decided to try to make a buck off the misfortune of the suffering. Fortunately it doesn’t appear to be that way, at least not completely. The oily waterisn’t from the Gulf (at least not anymore) and only about half of the money goes to the supported organizations,but if it gets people talking and if it helps in some small way, I think I’m mostly ok with it. Not sure I’d buy it, but to each his own I figure.

Looking to own a piece of the largest oil spill in American history? Want to help repair the Gulf from this environmental disaster? This is your opportunity! For only $9.99, OilSpillWater.com will send you your very own Oil Spill, packaged in a sealed glass bottle, for you to display in your home. Show your family and friends – your Oil Spill makes a great conversation piece! Order your piece of history today!

OilSpillWater.com donates a substantial portion of each purchase to Reef Relief, The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), and The International Bird Research Center (IBRRC). These fine organizations, made up of individuals with a passion for the environment, are on the front line of this disaster – struggling to minimize the impact of the spill on wildlife and natural habitats. Your donation will help to assure that these organizations can continue to assist in the clean-up of our beautiful ecosystem.

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