If We Get Married, What Will My Name Be?

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 01:20 pm

A while back when I wrote aboutthe woman who lived with her boyfriend for 8 months but didn’t know what his last name was,I honestly thought I’d never see something like that again. Well,turns out I was wrong.

Amherst, NY
A Southcreek Court woman reported that she let her boyfriend borrow her truck to run a brief errand, and he never returned. The woman said she had only known the man for two weeks and does not know his last name or his address.

Don’t wanna move the relationship along too fast, I guess. You never know how a guy’s going to react when you spring the big what’s your name question on him. first it’s the last name, next thing you know we’re picking out drapes.

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