The Attendees are Deaf and Blind, The presenters Are Dumb

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This sounds like a great product, but does anyone see a flaw in its promotion?

Greg Stillson Highlights HumanWare’s DeafBlind Communicator That Opens Communication Lines for Deaf-Blind on Tek Talk Monday, February 2, 2009

Most agree that every person should have the opportunity to fully access the world around them and have the freedom to build lasting friendships and a happy and productive life regardless of physical disability. Making it happen for the deaf-blind has been a long and frustrating journey. However, those attending this week’s Tek Talk online event will learn from highly qualified presenter and trainer Greg Stilson, Humanware Product and Support Specialist, how his company has used its technological expertise to design a product that significantly opens their lines of communication.

The DeafBlind Communicator (DBC) offers the deaf-blind population a truly portible multifunctioning communication device. Consisting of a standard Humanware Braille Note with specific software installed, and a cell phone for a face to face companion, the communicator provides several ways for a deaf-blind user to communicate. Using the DB companion, the user can easily communicate in virtually any face to face environment with a sighted peer. The built in modem enables the DBC to operate as a standard Braille TTY, and by using the DB companion’s cell phone capability with a SIM card, the deaf-blind population can now utilize Short Message Service (SMS) technology.

For the more advanced user, with the use of a high speed internet connection, the DBC software incorporates an XMPP messaging client, which allows anyone with a Google Mail (gmail), account, to engage in an instant messaging conversation with other gmail users. Gmail is quickly becoming one of the largest web based e-mail providers and with its Google Talk PC client that is available to everyone, DBC users can carry on conversations with both people using a PC for messaging, or with other users of the DBC.

(Contact: Greg Stilson
Humanware Product and Support Specialist
Phone; 800.722.3393 )

Date: Monday, February 2, 2009

Time: 5:00 p.m. Pacific, 6:00 p.m. Mountain, 7:00 p.m. Central,
8:00 p.m. Eastern and elsewhere in the world Tuesday 1:00 GMT.

Where: Tek Talk Conference Room at:

Or, alternatively, Select the Tek Talk Room, enter your first and last names on the sign-in screen.”

All Tek Talk training events are recorded so if you are unable to participate live at the above times then you may download the presentation or podcast from the Tek Talk archives on our website at

All online interactive programs require no password, are free of charge, and open to anyone worldwide having an Internet connection, a computer, speakers, and a sound card. Those with microphones can interact audibly with the presenters and others in the virtual audience.

Anybody see it? Anyone?

Ok, this product is for people with profound enough hearing loss along with vision loss that they can’t hear conversation and need to communicate in other ways. So why is there a big presentation on it in an audio-only forum? I’m sure people who are interested in this product would love to ask questions, but the only way to interact is via voice. Hmm. Somebody wasn’t thinking when they set up this little question and answer session. to me, it would have made a lot more sense to write a review of the product.

the device does sound cool though.

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