The Epidemic Isn’t Swine Flu, It’s Fear

Last Updated on: 20th September 2014, 06:06 pm

Everybody needs to get a grip. This Swine Flu panic is senseless, and this is another example of its stupidity. A kid was sick for some silly little reason. So when he brought in his sick note, he decided to be funny and come in wearing a surgical mask and say that he had the swine flu. People went insane, and now they’re dragging him and his parents into a big ol’ meeting.

for Christ’s sake! It was a joke, and anyone with half a working brain cell would have figured that out. I could so see Steve doing this when we were in school, and I might have thought about it. They’re saying it was so bad because rumours started to fly. Hell, when things aren’t serious, rumours will fly anyway. I remember when there was a scabies outbreak at my high school. My god you’d think the first guy who had it had the plague! Everybody had their own terrible theory as to what happened to him. Kids are kids and rumours are going to happen. If the staff didn’t wig out, it would have gone away and been completely harmless.

Everybody, chill out. If it’s gonna get us, it’s gonna get us. Being afraid is only going to cause unnecessary stress on our bodies, and maybe that will leave us vulnerable to infection. Wash your hands and don’t smush sneeze juice in your face. Otherwise, chill. We’re going to go when we’re going to go.

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