This Conversation Has Been A Slice, But It’s My Turn In Line Now

Before we get to the food feud, I have a question for every pizza place I’ve ever been to. Where are all you bastards hiding the slices hot enough to do this kind of damage? Nine times out of ten when I go in for a slice I get something so cold it could’ve been sitting there since yesterday for all I know.

Paige¬†Beaudry, 22, said she was standing in line at The Pizza Market on Esplanade Street on early Sunday morning when a man tried to cut in front of her. She said she politely told him where the back of the line started, and that’s when a young woman threatened to put pizza on her face.
“She just reached over and smeared the pizza in my face and then the other two girls started beating on me,” said Beaudry.
Her boyfriend was unable to help her because he was restrained by the man who cut in line, she said.

Put and smeared sound like a bit of an understatement, as she was left with burns on her chest and face that are painful enough to require both Advil and Tylenol 3 to deal with.

An unidentified 29-year-old woman was charged with assault causing bodily harm, but no charges have been filed against the two others thought to be involved.

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