People Are Strange, When You’re A Guide Dog Handler

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:43 am

Here’s a new one in the list of bizarro guide dog-related happenings I’ve had.

I was standing at a busy corner. since I can’t see the light, I like to start my crossing at the beginning of the light cycle. So I like to hear the cars go on the street in front of me and then when they stop going and the cars go on the street beside me, then I go. so, I was standing at the corner, waiting for my chance. I must have arrived near the beginning of the cycle for the cars on the street beside me. but of course I’d have no idea, so I was waiting. Apparently, watching me stand there when the light was green for me was too much for one driver to bear. As he drove past me, I think I heard him yell out the window, “Dog! Can’t you learn colour? Go!”

After I had processed the string of what I heard fired at me as the car passed, I couldn’t help but chuckle. No, dog can’t learn colour. Dog is colour-blind. Dog doesn’t tell me when it’s time to go, but…we’ve been there before.

After crossing, I found myself being cheered on by another guy. As I was lining up with the other street, I heard, “ah come on, dog, gogogogogo…aww! It’s yellow!” No dude, I have to line up, and with this street, I’m pushing the damn button and waiting for the cuckoo. There’s no way I’m stepping out unless I know it’s the beginning of the light. It’s a short light.

What was up with people wanting to cheer and order my dog around yesterday? I wish I could have told the driver that the dog can’t see colours, but he probably wouldn’t have understood anyway.

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