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Last Updated on: 27th November 2013, 10:33 am

First it was walking and texting-related injuries. Now those injuries have subcategories, one of them is twinjuries, or injuries suffered while twittering.

James Coleman decided he would jog and tweet, tweet and jog, and so he was jog jog joggin’ along..and then…it happened! Clonk! Head meets tree, and he heard tweets of a different kind. I was going to find a sweet sound effect from old cartoons, ya know when the character gets smacked on the head and then little birdies circle his head, but that’s hard as hell to find, damn the internet and all it has available. He even tweated about his sudden meeting with a low-hanging branch, and he got a nice shiner from the thing.

but after I read the story of Flavia Boricea, or is it Maria barbu, who was tweeting in the bathtub and managed to electricute herself, Coleman doesn’t seem half bad.

People, sometimes tweeting can wait. The world doesn’t need to know what you’re doing all the time.

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