The Most Successful Bath By Far

Last Updated on: 10th November 2013, 08:28 pm

Well would ya look at that? I have a very clean dog, and our bathroom isn’t wet. I went to that place I was talking about that let me bathe her myself but had all the stuff there so I wouldn’t have to deal with the mess. Everybody in Guelph, if your dog needs a bath, take the pooch to Royal City Grooming!

First off, the tub is at your level, so you don’t have to bend down. Second, there’s a tie connected to the wall that you put on her and then she can’t get out. Trix took this rather well, I think because it all happened so fast. Third, they have this cool nozzle that only sprays when you squeeze it, so you don’t waste water. Yea! I had her wetted down in no time. Then they had this concentrated shampoo that they diluted in water and then had me pour all over her. Then it was just rubba rubba rubba rubbaroo, and then rinse her off and she was all good and clean! The lady even checked to make sure I got all the soap out.

We towelled her off for a while, and then the lady asked me if she could tolerate a blower. I wasn’t sure, but she didn’t seem to have a big problem with it as long as you didn’t get her head. the coolest part of the blower was it blew out all the loose hair. Oh yeah, there was hair all over the wall.

When we left, Trix was still a tad wet, but not nearly as wet as she was when we’d just finished, and she didn’t soak us when she shook off. The groomer even double checked to make sure the collar was on right! Not only that, but she snipped her toenails and checked her ears. She told me she looked damn good. I always like to hear that.

Trixie was not a happy camper when we first set off back towards the bus stop, but she calmed down and worked like a little trooper all the way home. She was so happy that she leapt and bounded the last few steps into the apartment.

That place is awesome. It is officially my dog-bathing spot. Go royal City Grooming! You are king!

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