Why Was This Even Created?

Last Updated on: 4th October 2014, 04:38 pm

Today, I came across what I think is the most useless service I’ve seen in a long time. It is, get ready for this, Rogers Wireless to Land Line text message service.

Ok, here’s how it works. You send a text message to a phone number that is a land line. A message returns to you asking you if you would like to send an English or French message. You pick your preference. That line rings, and the person picks up. As they pick up, you receive a couple of text messages, one thanking you for using the service, another informing you that they got your message. An automated voice says that they are receiving a text message from a Rogers Wireless number, and they can press 1 to hear it. They do, and the message is read aloud by an automated voice. then they can reply or disconnect. If they reply, their message is recorded and a text is sent to your cellphone.

The text tells you you got a reply, and you have to call a number to get the message. You call the number, and you are asked to enter your ten-digit cell number to receive the message. After you’ve heard it, you can either listen to it again or disconnect. There is no further ability to communicate.

Just think about that. All of that dialing and talking and sending and receiving of messages, just so you can send *one* text message each way. Why not just call the person? The point of a text message is that it should be quick and easy. Jumping through all those hoops just so you can send a text message to a phone that can’t usually receive text messages seems ridiculous.

So who is this service useful for? Can somebody tell me? I’d love to know.

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