United Still Breaks Guitars

Last Updated on: 21st April 2015, 09:19 am

A while ago Carin talked aboutpoor Dave Carroll and his go round with United airlines after their baggage monkeys destroyed his expensive guitar.In the second video she linked, Carroll promised that there were more songs to come, and true to his word,here’s song 2.

A lot more went into making this one than the first. check out the video description to see what was involved.

and the saga continues On Tuesday August 5 we reconvened at the field behind the Station 41 fire department in Waverley NS to shoot the second video in the trilogy, United Breaks Guitars: Song 2. Once again, everyone volunteered their time and talent to produce an outstanding video; however, Song 2 was a much bigger production than United Breaks Guitars. In addition to the main roles, we had nearly 100 extras in the cast and in order to say everything we wanted to say with the video, we required a broken guitar, an imitation broken guitar, a 40 foot high scissor lift, a limousine (complete with secret service agents), one genuine imitation space capsule, a space suit, a tuba, 3 suits of German Lederhosen, a canoe, one white panel van and a woman willing to wear tights and a big dollar sign.

This song, like the first, is pretty catchy. It doesn’t have the same immediate hook to it, but by the end I was singing along, so nice work.

By the way, if you want to check out his website, go toDaveCarrollMusic.com.

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