Is Anything Ever This Guy’s Fault?

Last Updated on: 27th March 2019, 02:03 pm

The New Brunswick national anthem controversy just doesn’t want to die.

Erik Millett, the man who made the call to stop the daily singing of O Canada at Belleisle Elementary School while he was principal there now claims that one of the parents who led the charge to have his decision reversed is an immigrant-hating racist.

Erik Millett said Susan Boyd, who fought to have the anthem reinstated, had a political and possibly anti-immigrant agenda.

“She handed me literature which was clearly racist, borderline hate propaganda, which said if you’re not prepared to speak English and adopt Christian values, then immigrants should get out of the country — they’re not welcome,” Millett said.

Boyd admitted she gave Millett literature but said she doesn’t remember the exact details and denied it was anti-immigrant or racist.

“It was just about change, change in our country, … with immigrants coming in,” she said. “You know, that’s wonderful … because they bring such value to our country, but we still have to keep our national anthem.”

Ok, even if whatever she handed him was racist, what difference does it make? The guy tried to enact a bad policy and he got called on it. whatever kind of person Susan Boyd may or may not be the rest of the time is irrelevant. The point is that in this instance, literature or no literature, she was correct to question you and what some might call your anti-Canada agenda if we want to be fair about things. Calling her a racist comes off as pitiful whining from a man desperate for…something, I’m not even sure what. Perhaps it’s money, since he says he’s pondering legal action against Boyd for attacking his character.

If I were you sir I wouldn’t waste my time, since what does not exist cannot be attacked. Bending to the wants of 2 or 3 people at the expense of one of the things that defines the land we all, including them, call home doesn’t count as character. Letting them know that you won’t be pushed around but that they’re welcomed to sit and be quiet if they wish on the other hand would have, but that’s not what you did. It’s time to start living with the consequences of your decision and getting on with the rest of your life. Please, just go away quietly.

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