Hey, Daddy, There’s A Creepo In The Outhouse

Last Updated on: 1st November 2013, 09:22 am

Man accused of climbing into pit toilet – again Yup, again. Somehow, like in the case of Des Moines Man Jumps Into River Again, the word “again” makes it even funnier.

Gary Moody had done this before, always saying that he had dropped something or other into the outhouse and that’s why he was in there. But they could never find anything that he said he dropped, and he would always pop out of the pit under the john when a kid was in there. Eeewww.

I just love some of the quotes, quotes like “We don’t have a file cabinet drawer full of things like this,” as said by a guy from the forest Service Investigation Unit. Or this little passage.

“I asked Moody if he knew why we were there,” Fors wrote. “Moody stated, ‘I guess someone must have filed a complaint.’ “

“I advised Moody that I understood that this was likely a difficult issue to talk about and that it was our intention to solve the problem of Moody getting caught in the pits of National Forest outhouses,” Fors wrote.

According to Fors, Moody admitted that he had been in a toilet at the Hastings Campground on Memorial Day. Moody initially said he had dropped his shirt into the pit and climbed down to retrieve it.

That story was similar to one Moody had told authorities on June 26, 2005, when he was found in a toilet on U.S. Forest Service property in Albany, N.H. Moody said he climbed into the pit to retrieve his wedding ring, but officials cleaned out the pit, screened the contents and found no ring.

“I told Moody that I did not think that his trips into the outhouse pits had anything to do with dropping things by accident, and asked Moody if I was right,”
Fors wrote in the affidavit. “Moody said ‘yes.’ “

Moody admitted that he had gone into outhouse pits more than twice, Fors wrote. Moody said he never took photographs or videotaped people using the toilets, and he told Fors that he had not received counseling for what Fors called “the outhouse problem,” according to the affidavit.

The poor Forest Services guy. I feel for him. And…eeewww. What a strange thing to do.

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