Thumbs Down!

Last Updated on: 30th May 2018, 02:21 pm

Here’s another reason to avoid Bank of America like the plague. they already, from what I can remember, had an on-screen keyboard to be used to enter your password for online banking. I know it was a fraud-prevention measure, but it was also a denial of access measure for anyone who couldn’t use a mouse. Now, if you’re a non-B of A customer, you have to put a thumb-print on any cheque you wish to cash there. What if you don’t have thumbs because you were born with no arms? Uh, um, open an account? Bring your wife over who does have an account? No, all that photo ID is not good enough.

I do give the teller credit for immediatley realizing this whole thumb-print thing was a no-go. It’s just too bad the manager epically failed.

This is another reason why all the stuff based on eyes or fingerprints is not a good idea. You would think *everybody* had eyes that can focus or fingerprints, but some of us are blind and some of us don’t have arms. It’s not any better than photo ID, in fact it’s worse. We all have something that passes for a face.

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