Vomit Comet, The Mobile Edition

Last Updated on: 9th November 2013, 09:44 am

There aren’t scoobillions of them coming here, but looking at the stats and seeing how many people are using phones and other portable thingies to piss around on the net these days, it struck me as a worthwhile idea to enable Blogger’s new mobile version option. Soooo, everything working as it should, if you come here on a mobile device from now on you should be presented with a massively stripped down version of the site, rather than the gigantic regular one you’re used to. You should be able to do this without going to a special address, since I’m told you’ll be detected automatically.

If you happen to land here on a phone or an iSomething or anything else you can carry around with you, let me know if this thing sucks or not. Thanks in advance. I hope this makes the site easier for somebody.

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