I can’t speak for Carin, but already this morning I’ve gotten a few emails essentially asking “what the hell did you do?” Well, the changes we’ve been talking about are happening now, and while some of them are certainly for the better, some of them, to put it mildly, haven’t exactly gone as planned. We’re working on getting everything working as it should work, but it’s going to take some time. Hopefully not too much time, but to be honest I don’t really like those odds. this is us, we’re not that smart. We’ll do what we can while we can, but the next few days are pretty busy for us.

A couple of things I’ve already been asked or expect to be asked soon: The comments should be up and running pretty soon and hopefully the RSS feed isn’t broken. If it is, it shouldn’t be too hard to fix. And trust us fellow blind people, we’re doing everything we can to make sure you get your headings back. We rely on them just as much as you do, and them disappearing definitely wasn’t part of the plan. Hopefully a small code tweak will have that fixed right up. Most importantly, things might be strange for a while. so if we do something and it doesn’t look right or if there’s something flat out wrong right now, either be patient and hope we get to it or letCarinorIknow about it and we’ll look into it.

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