Blogger Is Broken, Rain Is Stupid And Carin Is On TV

So Blogger has been mostly fixed for about a week now, but things are still a little off.

If you ever use the categories in the sidebar to find things, you may have noticed that they’ve been a little screwed up. Some with strange names, some empty, some with weird typos that we didn’t make. We have no idea why this is happening and aren’t sure how to fix it. I’ve been doing what limited playing around I can do and can find no way to get rid of all of these things. A few of them are gone, but some of them have decided not to play nice with me. I’ll do my best, but I’m thinking I’m going to have to hope for much of this to clear up on its own. Sorry if it’s made life difficult for any of you.

On another note, don’t forget that Carin is going to be on Inside Guelph today to talk about Access Recreation Day. The first airing is at noon, but there are repeats all day. Check the schedule here for times. If you’re in the area it’s on channel 20 if you’ve got Rogers. We’re hoping to get video of her segment, and we’ll post it here if we do.

Finally, fuck rain. I know we need it, but it’s just getting ridiculous at this point. It’s been raining since what feels like the beginning of April. It only stopped long enough to snow and then to trick us into putting out patio chairs with a couple of nice days. People are blaming Mother Nature for this, but I think this one’s on Father Nature. What woman in history would have this much fun pissing all over everything? Only a guy would carry a leak joke on for this long.

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