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Last Updated on: 22nd January 2015, 09:21 am

We had a few people tell us that our comments and our trackbacks stuff ran together and you couldn’t see how many comments there were. So…we decided to remove the trackback code. Simple, right? Right? Wrong!

We went to the Haloscan site and tried to run the autoinstall. We unchecked trackback code. We thought, in error, that the wizard would zip through our code and take out all the references to trackbacks, or maybe remove all references to haloscan and put them back in. Well, that’s not what it did, and when I tried to put the file that Haloscan gave me back into Blogger, Blogger wasn’t happy. Luckily an unhappy blogger just won’t take the code you try to feed it, so to the world, nothing changed. We just couldn’t fix the problem.

I thought for about half a second about manually picking through the template in search of haloscan code, removing it and then reinstalling, but I was afraid. There’s a lot of code! Remember what I said about being screwed by progress?

We emailed support, and when they got to us, they fixed our problem in record time. We uploaded what they gave us, and blogger liked what it saw, so..bye-bye trackbacks! We never used ’em anyway, so if they’re causing other things to bleed together, they might as well take a hike.

so now, the big question. Does it look better?

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