No Suit For You

Last Updated on: 19th January 2018, 10:24 am

We need a judge to do with Jonathan Lee Riches what’s been done in the case of Saint Torrance. Judge Ralph “Ted” Winkler declared Torrance a vexatious litigator, and ruled that the only way he could file a lawsuit was after getting permission from the presiding judge. Yup, sounds good to me. Apparently, the way this guy works is he sues somebody or a company, and if he doesn’t win, then he sues the judge who ruled against him for not ruling in his favour. I can’t believe this guy’s a grown man. He’s acting like someone who’s about 4 years old, going to the other parent when the one parent doesn’t say what they want to hear.

The judge says that his lawsuits are rejected because they are “ill-considered, often indecipherable and rarely based on the law.” Yup, sounds like a perfect fit for Riches.

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