Have You Ignited A Ford Lately?

Last Updated on: 30th May 2018, 01:24 pm

John Walton has to have some serious issues. That’s the only way this can be explained.

He drove his Ford van up to the dealership saying that it had transmission problems. A sales consultant agreed to go out for a ride with him to see if he could notice anything. He said he couldn’t detect any problems, at which point Walton threatened him, sped up, and then ordered him out of the van when he’d slowed down to 20 miles an hour.

Then, he drove back to the dealership, set his van on fire, and then sat on a bench to watch it burn, baby, burn! It did, and some ammo ignited in the van too. Firefighters put out the van and Walton was halled away.

But oh no, we’re not done, not even close. Walton’s arraignment took place in an ambulance garage because he wouldn’t get out of the police cruiser. What the? Couldn’t they drag him out? Then, at a hearing, when he was charged with arson, he threw himself on the floor, knocking himself out, and had to be carried from the room.

And that’s how they say it went down. What the hell’s wrong with this guy?

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