Final Thoughts

And now, here’s Gill with what appears to be the third and final part of her vacation notes. Between these and Mike Johnson’s diary of his week taking in all of this year’s Wrestlemania festivities, I kind of want to go somewhere even though the traveling part of traveling is way high up on the ‘ol shit I hate list.

Take it away, Gill!

Then And Now

When my sister and I were little our parents would take us to cool places to learn about cool things. One trip was to the East coast of Canada, another to the Amish country in Pennsylvania. On one such trip my sister got the brilliant idea of making me smell her feet in order to treat me to ice-cream in our stop town. Although we no longer do stuff like that to one and other we do have loads of fun together. On this cruise we participated in trivia contests, listened to the music on her I Phone, and just hung out like old friends.

Gillie’s Notes

My parents and sister often asked me about where I would go for a week from the islands we visited, and my friends here’s the Gillie facts. St. Lucia for its beautiful views, Rain Forest, and the friendly people. St. Martin for its cool factor, and its Star Wars shop. St. Thomas for the diving, and shopping with my mom and sister. Barbados for the food and golfing. Finally St. Kitts for getting a photo with a monkey, and to do some serious nothing.

Thanks for letting me share my adventures with you. You’ll never know what is around the bend, so my advice is to keep reading, laugh, and don’t forget to enjoy the sunshine.

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