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Last Updated on: 28th December 2016, 03:41 pm

I was just listening to this week’s episode of Innovations from The Global Voice and they mentioned a really, really cool contest! I don’t know if I have enough talent or creativity to produce an entry, but maybe I’ll try. I want the prize damn it!

Here’s the deal. They want everybody to try and create a promo, ID or jingle for the station. They don’t expect slick recording. They just want to see some imagination. If you win, and they like it and decide to use it, you get, get ready for this, System Access and a year’s subscription to the System Access Mobile Network which by the sounds of it, has some cool features. It lets me have access to my home computer from anywhere? I’ll be guarding that login with my life for sure. All of that coolness is worth $653 U.S. Yeah baby!

Let me explain System Access Mobile to anyone who might not know what it is. Basically, it’s a screenreader on a stick. You take your cute little stick with you, you go over to your uncle Bill’s house. Uncle Bill’s computer breaks and you think you could fix it…but Uncle Bill doesn’t have a screenreader, right? But you do, on your stick! Or, you go to a job interview, and they say they want to see your typing skills. Eek. You didn’t expect this…but you brought your stick! You plug it in, and ta da, as long as the computer has a sound card, she speaks! That, in a nutshell, is what is so damn cool about SAM, or System Access Mobile. It kicks JAWS in the crotch and makes it call mom in terms of portability and ease of install…oh yeah, and price too. And upgrades are free. I hope that can continue. But if anyone has a chance, it’s Serotek. Let’s count the cool things they have come out with recently. There’s of course System Access to Go. I think that’s what made them famous. But now, there’s Accessible Event, which is designed to make online meetings accessible to all, Remote Incident Manager, which is designed so that blind technicians can interface with another computer and have everything spoken on their end, and iBlink Radio, a radio station and podcast-browser for the iPhone. So yeah, they should have some staying power.

So if you’d like to get your little mitts on some SAM, throw your jingle-makin’ hat in the ring!

They also have a description of the contest in this week’s show, amid all the other content. But hey, you might learn something else.

I hope I can come up with something halfway good. Good luck to everybody.

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