Great Times

Well I”m back from the Sunny South. We had a great time down there. Canadian Mens team finished 6th which was just good enough to qualify them for the 2008 Olympics and the Canadian Women won the tournament and earned the right to be called World Champions! That lead to quite a party afterwards – most of which I couldn’t recount now if my life depended on it.

However, these were not the great times that I refer to in the title. Today has been a slow work day so I’ve been reading through the archives. (Or has it been a slow day BECAUSE i’ve been reading through the archives…. anyway…). The old posts were always there and they were fun enough to read – but having the comments back has made it great.

I went back and read a bunch of the stuff from late January 04 and early February 04 and it was all I could do to contain myself and not burst otu laughing in the middle of the office.

In my mind, that was the most fun time on this site. The cast of character’s commenting on the boards made it that way. Not that they (or us) had anything more interesting to say – just that everyone was so bloody malicious! Most of it was spurred on by Nick and Gee (or what turned out to be Nick as Gee). The comments where he fucked up his posting and then tried to dig out, just making it worse were hilarious. Then Steve just heartlessly tossing him under the truck by throwing all the fuck up’s on to the main page for the world to see was just gold. Satan’s verbal abuse was great as was everyone’s (Steve, Carin, Greg Twilly, annonymous, a different annonymous and Not Roland). It was just so much fun.

I’m not sure I’ll get anything more accomplished today as I’m hooked on going back and reading all of our cold crap. Great stuff.

Also for the record – since I don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet – we passed 1,000 posts a while back. This is number 1006. So, for now anyway, call this the 1000th post look back. Maybe we’ll get some time to put together some of our best posts/comments in to one big VC Retrospective. We’ll see if any of us are feeling that ambitious. For now. Cheers to the VC.

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