This Teacher Is Nuts!

Last Updated on: 11th November 2013, 02:09 pm

This teacher sounds like a scary woman. Apparently, Trinda Barocas had an autistic kid in her class. Her classroom assistants say that she didn’t want to take him on a field trip because she thought he would misbehave. She knew he had a peanut allergy, so threw a peanut-filled chocolate bar at him, saying that maybe if he ate that, he would be too sick to go on the trip!

I said pardon? Most peanut allergies are pretty severe. That could have killed him!

Luckily the kid didn’t eat the bar, but only apparently because he has a fear of unfamiliar foods and didn’t recognize the wrapper. The mom is suing and it sounds like she’s going for criminal charges. I would have done the charges and the suit in reverse order if I were her, but what do I know?

But that’s not all. They say that she used to drag the boy around the classroom, keep him in a tiny cubicle for hours, and other things.

I think the most telling statement is this:

Barocas told state investigators earlier this year that the allegations were false and she did nothing to prevent the boy from attending the field trip, according to a Department of Child Services report provided by Young’s attorney.

I dunno, if I was accused of trying to poison a child, I would have said that the reports were false, and I never would have dreamed of giving him something that would have likely killed him. The field trip, at this point, is secondary.

What a frightening thought. The poor little guy couldn’t speak, and this was happening to him. I’m glad she doesn’t work at the school anymore.

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