>Good Mornin’ Kapten!

Last Updated on: 24th April 2012, 08:36 pm

>Ooo! Something else I can drool over, and maybe something I can afford. Kapsys from France, which has developed the Kapten voice-controled GPS, has partnered with ILA so they can sell it! It sounds pretty cool. It has no screen, so we can for sure use it. It also doubles as an mp3 player. Even sweeter is it only costs about $300 U.S. I think. That is similar to buying one of your off the shelf GPS devices!

But there are some things I need to find out. Can you plan routes in advance? How does it get its maps? Does it have maps for Canada? What’s the battery life like? But maybe I should shut up and read Mike May’s review of the thing. Granted, Mike May is a competitor, but hey, I might learn some stuff.

I’m such a sucker for gadgets.

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