Get 10 Free Songs From HMV Digital

I assume this offer is valid until December 31st because that’s how long I have to claim mine, but who knows, it could be longer. All I know is that right now, if you’re a first time customer atHMV Digital,you’ll get a pin code entitling you to free songs. They’ll actually match the number of free downloads you get with the number of downloads you bought, but only up to a maximum of 10. The coupon will show up in your email and it might take a couple of days to get there, so watch your spam folder in case that’s where it goes.

Now…the big question. I haven’t used mine yet, so what should I buy? I can’t decide whether to put it towards a full album or buy 10 random songs. I’m leaning towards songs because I have a couple in mind, but I’m not sure how to fill out the list. So, anybody got any suggestions? I’m very open-minded, but if you need some handy tips on what I may want or not want,here be the music tag.

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