Bye-Bye Big Lu

Last Updated on: 6th October 2016, 09:37 pm

Well, I can officially say it now. Luther is gone.

I was afraid his time was sooner rather than later, but it’s never easy when it happens.

As I’ve said before, Luther was the first guide dog I saw a lot of. He was always so chilled, but so unbelievably dedicated. But man he could play. I remember the time he ran around the house with another girl’s guide dog. God how they’d tear up and down the hall. And if he ever barked, which was super rare, you’d think he was a much bigger dog than he was, and he was a big boy. I remember the time we wanted to hear what Trixie’s bark sounded like, so we got Luther to bark a couple of times. Eventually, Trixie let out a bark that actually sounded like a question. Ah Lu, so many good memories.

This holiday when I see everybody down there, it won’t be the same without Luther around. I’m glad I got to see him when he was well.

This year has been a horrible year of death. I guess the animals have to feel it too.

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