Google Has Indoor Maps That Will Help You Get Around Pearson Airport

Call me stupid, but I had no idea Google Maps could even do this. All I ever really use it for is route tracking through Blindsquare and figuring out the distance between 2 places I’d like to walk between.

Toronto’s Pearson airport has become one of the first Canadian airports to offer travellers maps of inside the airport via Google Maps.
The Port Authority last Thursday announced that passengers can can use Google Maps to find their way around the airport. You’ll never have to look for a restaurant or retailer directory again! More importantly, you’ll be able to navigate from restaurants and stores directly to your gate, and with Pearson’s free WiFi, it doesn’t matter if you’re just visiting and don’t have data.

Apparently Google also offers this service for Vancouver airport, as well as several malls around the country including West Edmonton, which I’m certain you could get lost in with even the absolute best map in the friggin universe.

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